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X - e forse mi sognerai.... by LevyRasputin X - e forse mi sognerai.... by LevyRasputin
...the title has to be in french, but I can't remember it properly....
lots of people like this one... I really don't know what to think, maybe because it was one of the first...
Remy and Rogue, and a white rose...
the idea comes from MaryT.. he strokes her cheek, hoping she would feel him in sleep and dream about him... sort of valentine pic... even if it's christmas...:D
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Lady-Buffy Featured By Owner Oct 10, 2009
molto bello =)
NekoQueenLuna Featured By Owner Jul 26, 2009
this picture sort of reminds me of the frescoes they found in Pompeii. I don't know why.
LunaRiven Featured By Owner Apr 7, 2007
It's so sweet and so amazing! ^_^
Deism Featured By Owner Jul 25, 2006
Ohhhh simply amazing. I love the paint and Rogues expression is absolutely sweet.
MadnessEnsured Featured By Owner Feb 20, 2004
HOW SWEET! Love the colors and the pose! Very romantic! Love the couple and LOVE the pic!
Ludi-Price Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2004  Hobbyist General Artist
Ah, this is beautiful...It does have a very dream-like quality. Your painting has this very Impressionist style to it, which is nice to see for a change from the comic style.
I'm so glad they're back together for real now :)
corri Featured By Owner Dec 18, 2003
Ah, I do love Rogue and Remy moments. They make me all warm and fuzzy inside. . . until I read the latest X-treme issue and want to cry.
Or break Claremonte into pieces. One or the other.
Getting off track, aren't I? This is absolutely lovely!
LevyRasputin Featured By Owner Dec 18, 2003
plez tell me they aren't splittin' up... please... pleas...
I don't like this last minute fashion - everybody turns to single life without a real clue... -.-!
corri Featured By Owner Dec 25, 2003
You know I can't tell you these things! It would violate the non-spoiler code of ethics. . wouildn't it?
Okay. . so maybe my ethics aren't that strong. . no, they aren't breaking up. At least, not that I've seen yet. Thank GOD! I would be most displeased with that.
It's only that I was severely disappointed in the Infiada storyline. It was just. . . .urgh! I need my Rogue& Remy moments, ya know?
NicoleWagner Featured By Owner Dec 14, 2003  Hobbyist Photographer
I am not a huge Rogue and Gambit fan... (I'm just really a Gambit fan.) but this picture is done so beautifully. ^_^ You can imagine Gambit doing this for any woman, too. :sigh: I'm such a romantic... I want a guy like Gambit!

Much Love,
Nicole Wagner: The Maiden of the Spork
LevyRasputin Featured By Owner Dec 14, 2003
...but.. take a moment.. no other girl would ever be able to take his soul with just one little touch.. I think this has a great effect on his romantic attitude... he's truly caring only for her.. an very little others....
microwave Featured By Owner Dec 14, 2003  Hobbyist Digital Artist
It is not absolutely in french I think what do you want to say, I can speek a little french :)
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December 13, 2003
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